Schultze Gets the Blues

Release Date:
Feb 18, 2005
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Comedy Drama,Music
Michael Schorr
Horst Krause Schultze
Harald Warmbrunn Jürgen
Karl Fred Müller Manfred
Ursula Schucht Jürgen's Wife
Hannelore Schubert Manfred's Wife
Wolfgang Boos Gatekeeper
Rosemarie Deibel Frau Lorant
Wilhelmine Horschig Lisa
Alozia St. Julien Josephine
Anne V. Angelle Aretha
Leo Fischer Head of Music Club
Loni Frank Schultze's Mother
Elke Rümmler Nurse
Marylu Poolman Senior #1
Jens Körner
Michael Schorr
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Schultze Gets the Blues

Salt miner Schultze is forced into retirement. He lapses into the boredom of his small German town. An accordion player, the retiree sometimes plays polkas, but it is not until he hears zydeco on the radio that he discovers a new inspiration and applies the fast tempo of zydeco to his accordion playing. But the town's polka scene frowns upon such deviation from tradition. Undaunted, Schultze packs his instrument and heads to zydeco's birthplace: the American South.

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