Scared Stiff

Release Date:
Apr 27, 1953
Running Time:
Musical Comedy
George Marshall
Dean Martin Larry Todd
Jerry Lewis Myron Mertz
Lizabeth Scott Mary Carroll
Carmen Miranda Carmelita Castinha
George Dolenz Mr. Cortega
Dorothy Malone Rosie
William Ching Tony Warren
Paul Marion Ramon Cariso/Francisco Cariso
Jack Lambert Zombie
Tom Powers Police Lieutenant (uncredited)
Tony Barr Trigger
Leonard Strong Shorty
Henry Brandon Pierre
Hugh Sanders Cop on Pier
Frank Fontaine Drunk on Pier (uncredited)
Bob Hope Skeleton (uncredited)
Bing Crosby Skeleton (uncredited)
Joseph H. Hazen , Hal B. Wallis
Herbert Baker, Walter DeLeon, Norman Lear, Ed Simmons

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Scared Stiff

Accident-prone busboy Myron Mertz and his suave nightclub-crooner pal, Larry Todd, get caught up in both a gangland slaying and a mystery involving the comely Mary Carroll . She has just inherited an island castle off the coast of Cuba that her lawyer, Cortega, insists is overrun with ghosts and zombies. Attempting to save Mary from a mysterious stranger who wants her dead, Myron and Larry sail with her to Cuba.

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