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Scandal Sheet

Release Date:
Jan 16, 1952
Running Time:
Crime Drama
Phil Karlson
Broderick Crawford Mark Chapman
Donna Reed Julie Allison
John Derek Steve McCleary
Rosemary DeCamp Charlotte Grant
Henry O'Neill Charlie Barnes
Henry Morgan Biddle
James Millican Lt. Davis
Griff Barnett Judge Elroy Hacker
Jonathan Hale Frank Madison
Edward Small
Samuel Fuller, Eugene Ling, James Poe, Ted Sherdeman

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Scandal Sheet

Editor Mark Chapman presides over a trashy but financially successful tabloid newspaper in New York City. With his hotshot crime reporter, Steve McCleary, and feature writer, Julie Allison, Chapman attends a Lonely Hearts Club publicity stunt sponsored by the paper, where he's shocked to run into Charlotte, the wife he abandoned two decades before. Their argument takes a violent turn that might ruin everything Chapman has.

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