El Satiricon

Fellini Satyricon
The Degenerates
Release Date:
Sep 3, 1969
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Federico Fellini
Martin Potter Encolpio
Hiram Keller Ascilto
Max Born Gitone
Salvo Randone Eumolpo
Mario Romagnoli Trimalcione
Magali Noël Fortunata
Capucine Trifena
Alain Cuny Lica
Fanfulla Vernacchio
Danica La Loggia Scintilla
Giuseppe Sanvitale Abinna
Lucía Bosé La matrona
Joseph Wheeler Il suicida
Hylette Adolphe La schiavetta
Tanya Lopert L'imperatore
Gordon Mitchell Il predone
Marcello Di Falco Proconsole
Elisa Mainardi Arianna
Donyale Luna Enotea
Carole André (uncredited)
Gigi Ballista (uncredited)
Luigi Battaglia Transvestite (uncredited)
Maria De Sisti Fat Woman (uncredited)
Tania Duckworth Brothel Girl (uncredited)
Elio Gigante Owner of Garden of Delights (uncredited)
Wolfgang Hillinger Soldier at Tomb (uncredited)
Franco Leo (uncredited)
Elizabetta Moscatelli (uncredited)
Suleiman Ali Nashnush Tryphaena's Attendant (uncredited)
Lorenzo Piani Nymphomaniac's Husband (uncredited)
Alberto Grimaldi
Federico Fellini, Bernardino Zapponi

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El Satiricon

After his young lover, Gitone, leaves him for another man, Encolpio decides to kill himself, but a sudden earthquake destroys his home before he has a chance to do so. Now wandering around Rome in the time of Nero, Encolpio encounters one bizarre and surreal scene after another. He's invited to a poetry reading that ends in violence; is taken hostage by pirates; and is even forced to battle a gladiator disguised as a minotaur in a giant labyrinth.

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