Sanders of the River

Release Date:
Apr 8, 1935
Running Time:
Zoltan Korda
Paul Robeson Bosambo
Leslie Banks Commissioner R.G. Sanders
Nina Mae McKinney Lilongo
Robert Cochran Lieutenant Tibbets
Martin Walker J. Ferguson
Richard M. Grey Captain Hamilton
Allan Jeayes Father O'Leary
Orlando Martins K'Lova
Eric Maturin Smith
Charles Carson Governor of the Territory
Marquis de Portago Farini
John Thomas Obiboo
Bertrand Frazer Makara
Tony Wane King Mofolaba
Alexander Korda

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Sanders of the River

In N'Gombi, Nigeria, British District Commissioner R.G. Sanders oversees various tribes. Discovering that a Liberian native, Bosambo, has been acting as chief without approval, Sanders nevertheless is impressed by Bosambo's skills and allows him to remain chief. With Sanders' aid, Bosambo holds off an attack by rebel Mofolaba, and for the next five years peace reigns at the river. However, when Sanders heads to England to marry, Mofolaba returns, vowing revenge.

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