San Diego, I Love You

Release Date:
Aug 30, 1944
Running Time:
Reginald Le Borg
Jon Hall John Caldwell
Louise Allbritton Virginia McCooley
Edward Everett Horton Philip McCooley
Eric Blore Nelson
Buster Keaton Bus Driver
Irene Ryan Miss Jones
Rudy Wissler Walter McCooley
Gerald Perreau Joey McCooley
Charles Bates Larry McCooley
Don Davis Pete McCooley
Florence Lake Miss Lake
Chester Clute Percy
Sarah Selby Mrs. Lovelace
Fern Emmett Mrs. Callope
Michael Fessier , Ernest Pagano
Michael Fessier, Ernest Pagano

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San Diego, I Love You

Virginia McCooley is trying to find a buyer for the portable raft her father has invented. When she meets John Thompson Caldwell IV, a dashing but difficult millionaire, it seems as though she has found the ideal buyer and, even more importantly, her ideal mate. But John, who is particularly distrustful when it comes to the opposite sex, is not going to be easy for Virginia to win over -- in business or in love.

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