Cidade sem Lei

Release Date:
Dec 29, 1945
Running Time:
David Butler
Errol Flynn Clay Hardin
Alexis Smith Jeanne Starr
S.Z. ``Cuddles'' Sakall Sacha Bozic
Victor Francen Legare
Florence Bates Henrietta
John Litel Charlie Bell
Paul Kelly Roy Stuart
John Alvin Pony Smith
Monte Blue Cleve Andrews
Robert Shayne Captain Morgan
Robert Barrat Colonel Johnson
Pedro de Cordoba Ricardo Torreon
Tom Tyler Lafe McWilliams
Chris-Pin Martin Hymie Rosas (uncredited)
Charles Stevens Sojer Harris (uncredited)
Poodles Hanneford Stage Coach Driver (uncredited)
Doodles Weaver Entertainer (uncredited)
Dan White Joey Simms (uncredited)
Wallis Clark Tip Brice (uncredited)
Harry Cording Hawker (uncredited)
Robert Buckner

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Cidade sem Lei

Rancher Clay Hardin has discovered that local saloon owner Roy Stuart is selling cattle that doesn't belong to him, including some of Clay's own stolen stock. Armed with a tally book that proves it, Hardin now finds himself the target of Stuart's posse of gunslingers, who will stop at nothing to prevent Hardin from delivering the evidence to the proper authorities. With no one to help him except a few of his friends, Hardin has to fight for his cattle, and his life.

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