Safe Conduct

Release Date:
Oct 11, 2002
Running Time:
Historical Drama
Bertrand Tavernier
Jacques Gamblin Jean Devaivre
Denis Podalydès Jean Aurenche
Christian Berkel Dr. Greven
Marie Gillain Olga
Charlotte Kady Suzanne Raymond
Marie Desgranges Simone Devaivre
Maria Pitarresi Reine Sorignal
Thierry Gibault Paul Maillebeau
Philippe Morier-Genoud Maurice Tourneur
Christophe Odent Pierre Bost
Ged Marlon Jean-Paul Le Chanois
Laurent Schilling Spaak
Olivier Brun Jacques Dubuis
Olivier Gourmet Roger Richebé
Richard Sammel Richard Pottier
Liliane Rovère Mémaine
Serge Riaboukine Louis Née
Pierre Lacan Louis Devaivre
Jean-Yves Roan René Fléchard
Frédéric Bourboulon , Alain Sarde
Jean Cosmos, Bertrand Tavernier

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Safe Conduct

In 1940s Paris, during the German occupation, two men in the film industry find different ways to deal with the Vichy regime stifling their creativity. Jean Devaivre is an assistant director, and Jean Aurenche is a screenwriter. Devaivre actively rebels against the occupation: He is an employee of Continental, a Nazi film company, but secretly fights in the resistance. Aurenche, on the other hand, refuses to create propaganda by working for the company.

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