Rocket Science

Release Date:
Aug 10, 2007
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Comedy Drama
Jeffrey Blitz
Reece Daniel Thompson Hal Hefner
Anna Kendrick Ginny Ryerson
Nicholas D'Agosto Ben Wekselbaum
Vincent Piazza Earl Hefner
Margo Martindale Coach Lumbly
Aaron Yoo Heston
Josh Kay Lewis
Stephen Park Judge Pete
Maury Ginsberg Lewinsky
Utkarsh Ambudkar Ram
Denis O'Hare Doyle Hefner
Lisbeth Bartlett Juliet
Dan DeLuca Stephen Douglas
Jonah Hill Lionel
John Patrick Barry Coach Cho
Betsy Hogg Crystal
Brandon Thane Wilson Phillip
Effie Brown , Sean Welch
Jeffrey Blitz
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Rocket Science

High-school student Hal Hefner's life is falling down around him. His parents have split, his brother picks on him incessantly, and he has a terrible stutter. Hal cannot believe it when Ginny Ryerson, a pretty classmate, asks him to join their school's debate team. Falling head over heels in love with Ginny, he agrees to her request, with unexpected results.

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