Revengers Tragedy

Release Date:
Aug 6, 2002
Running Time:
Horror,Comedy Drama
Alex Cox
Christopher Eccleston Vindici
Eddie Izzard Lussurioso
Derek Jacobi The Duke
Diana Quick The Duchess
Carla Henry Castiza
Andrew Schofield Carlo
Anthony Booth Lord Antonio
Margi Clarke Hannah
Paul Reynolds Junior
Justin Salinger Ambitioso
Marc Warren Supervacuo
Sophie Dahl Imogen
Tod Davies
Frank Cottrell Boyce, Margaret Matheson

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Revengers Tragedy

A lunatic called the Duke runs Liverpool, England, one of the only British cities still habitable in a land devastated by man's recklessness and Mother Nature's wrath. He murders at will, but his ways are about to catch up with him. Biding his time since the Duke killed his wife several years earlier, Vindici has decided that he's ready to get back at his enemy, and, as the Duke will soon learn, Vindici isn't the type to be intimidated or outsmarted.

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