Requiem for a Romantic Woman

Release Date:
Mar 18, 1999
Running Time:
Historical Drama
Dagmar Knöpfel
Janina Sachau Auguste Bußmann
Sylvester Groth Clemens Brentano
Jeanette Hain Bettine Brentano
Felix von Manteuffel Simon Moritz Bethmann
Edgar Selge Friedrich Karl von Savigny
Anian Zollner Achim von Armin
Michael König Pfarrer Mannel
Jan Gregor Kremp Karl Jordis
Max Urlacher Wilhelm Grimm
Renee Dumont Jakob Grimm
Jürgen Biefang , Stefan Jonas , Horst Knechtel , Dagmar Knöpfel , Joachim Sturmes , Thomas Tanneberger
Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Dagmar Knöpfel

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Requiem for a Romantic Woman

A 17-year-old girl falls in love with a writer in 1807 Germany. She is very passionate and impulsive and they get into a passionate romance which turns into marriage. She is expelled from her family and relies on him to be with her. The writer soon becomes tired of her and threatens to divorce her. From then on she tries everything to keep the marriage together.

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