Reign of Fire

Release Date:
Jul 12, 2002
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Action,Adventure,Fantasy,Science Fiction
Rob Bowman
Christian Bale Quinn
Matthew McConaughey Van Zan
Izabella Scorupco Alex Jensen
Gerard Butler Dave Creedy
David Kennedy Eddie Stax
Alexander Siddig Ajay
Ned Dennehy Barlow
Rory Keenan Devon
Terence Maynard Gideon
Ben Thornton Young Quinn
Alice Krige Karen Abercromby
Chris Kelly Mead
Roger Birnbaum , Gary Barber , Richard D. Zanuck , Lili Fini Zanuck , Jonathan Glickman
Gregg Chabot, Kevin Peterka, Matt Greenberg
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Reign of Fire

In present-day London, 12-year-old Quinn watches as his mother wakes an enormous fire-breathing beast from its centuries-long slumber. Twenty years later, much of the world has been scarred by the beast and its offspring. As a fire chief, Quinn is responsible for warding off the beasts and keeping a community alive as they eke out a meager existence. Into their midst comes a hotshot American, Van Zan, who says he has a way to kill the beasts.

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