Red Riding: 1983

Red Riding: In the Year of Our Lord 1983
Release Date:
Feb 5, 2010
Running Time:
Crime Drama,Mystery
Anand Tucker
David Morrissey Maurice Jobson
Mark Addy John Piggott
Lisa Howard Judith Jobson
Chris Walker Jim Prentice
Shaun Dooley Dick Alderman
Jim Carter Harold Angus
Warren Clarke Bill Molloy
Sean Bean John Dawson
Sean Harris Bob Craven
Steven Robertson Bob Fraser
Tony Mooney Tommy Douglas
Tony Pitts John Nolan
Michelle Dockery Kathryn Tyler
Andrew Cryer Mr Atkins
Wendy Brazington , Andrew Eaton , Hugo Heppell , Alasdair MacCuish
Tony Grisoni

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Red Riding: 1983

Ten years after the body of a mutilated girl was found in Yorkshire, another young girl is missing. Lawyer John Piggott is asked to re-examine the conviction of a disabled man who confessed to the earlier murders and now claims he dis so under intense police pressure. As Piggott looks into whether the Yorkshire police tortured their suspect, Detective Jobson starts to regret his brutal past and reveals a secret that casts the entire case in a new light.

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