Random Hearts

Release Date:
Oct 8, 1999
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Sydney Pollack
Harrison Ford Dutch Van Den Broeck
Kristin Scott Thomas Kay Chandler
Charles S. Dutton Alcee
Bonnie Hunt Wendy Judd
Dennis Haysbert George Beaufort
Sydney Pollack Carl Broman
Richard Jenkins Truman Trainor
Paul Guilfoyle Dick Montoya
Susanna Thompson Peyton Van Den Broeck
Peter Coyote Cullen Chandler
Dylan Baker Richard Judd
Lynne Thigpen Phyllis Bonaparte
Kate Mara Jessica Chandler
Ariana Thomas Shyla Mumford
Bill Cobbs Marvin
Susan Floyd Molly Roll
Edie Falco Janice
Barbara Andres Wife At Fundraiser
Frank Athearn Extra
Jan Austell Joe Perella
Reiko Aylesworth Mary Claire Clark
Jernard B. Burks Bowling Alley Cook
John Carter Peyton's Father
Jane Cecil Older Woman At Fundraiser
Kathleen Chalfant Shirley Magnuson
Christina Chang Laurie
David Collins Press Conference Reporter
Susan Allenback Airline Spokesperson
Steve Altes Kay's brother
Susan Hatfield Claire Suchet
Sydney Pollack , Ronald L. Schwary
Daniel Poniscan, Kurt Luedtke
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Random Hearts

After a plane crash in which both their spouses are killed, Sergeant Dutch Van Den Broeck and Congresswoman Kay Chandler's lives are connected. Their spouses were headed to the same address, with identical keys, under Mr. and Mrs. plane tickets. The investigation leads to startling discoveries and an unexpected romance.

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