Random Harvest

Release Date:
Dec 17, 1942
Running Time:
Mervyn LeRoy
Ronald Colman Charles Rainier/John 'Smithy' Smith
Greer Garson Paula Ridgeway/Margaret Hansen
Philip Dorn Dr. Jonathan Benet
Susan Peters Kitty Chilcet
Reginald Owen Biffer
Henry Travers Dr. Sims
Margaret Wycherly Mrs. Deventer, Country Inn Receptionist
Bramwell Fletcher Harrison, Business Manager
Arthur Margetson Chetwynd Rainier
Jill Esmond Lydia Rainier
Marta Linden Jill Chilcet
Melville Cooper George, Care-free Brother
Alan Napier Julian, Tall Brother
Pax Walker Sheila, secretary (uncredited)
David Cavendish Henry Chilcet
Clement May Beddoes, organist (uncredited)
Norma Varden Julia
Ann Richards Bridget
Sidney Franklin
Claudine West, George Froeschel, Arthur Wimperis

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Random Harvest

A veteran of World War I, Charles Rainier has lost all memory of his life before the war. Left to wander, Rainier meets a showgirl, Paula, with whom he falls in love. Rainier and Paula are soon happily married, but when Rainier travels out of town, a car hits him -- erasing the memories of his life with Paula, but restoring those of his life before the war. While he returns to his previous life, Paula tries to find a way to be reunited with her husband.

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