Rancho Notorious

Release Date:
Mar 1, 1952
Running Time:
Fritz Lang
Marlene Dietrich Altar Keane
Mel Ferrer Frenchy Fairmont
Arthur Kennedy Vern Haskell
Lloyd Gough Kinch (uncredited)
Gloria Henry Beth Forbes
William Frawley Baldy Gunder
Lisa Ferraday Maxine
John Raven Chuck-a-Luck Dealer
Jack Elam Mort Geary
George Reeves Wilson
Frank Ferguson Preacher
Francis McDonald Harbin
Dan Seymour Comanche Paul
John Kellogg Jeff Factor
Rodd Redwing Rio
Stuart Randall Starr (uncredited)
Roger Anderson Red (uncredited)
Felipe Turich Sanchez (uncredited)
I. Stanford Jolley Deputy Warren (uncredited)
John Doucette Whitey (uncredited)
Charlita Mexican girl in bar (uncredited)
Lane Chandler Sheriff Hardy (uncredited)
Fuzzy Knight The barber (uncredited)
Howard Welsch
Silvia Richards, Daniel Taradash

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Rancho Notorious

Vern Haskell is pushed to revenge when his fiancée is killed during a general store robbery. Intent on punishing those responsible, Vern manages to find one of the thieves, who is mortally wounded. In his dying words, the man gives Vern a clue to finding the others. Continuing his quest, Vern travels to the hideout -- a ranch operated by Altar Keane, a former saloon singer. By fooling an outlaw, Vern makes his way into their inner circle.

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