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Raising Flagg

Release Date:
Sep 28, 2007
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Comedy Drama
Neal Miller
Alan Arkin Flagg Purdy
Lauren Holly Rachel Purdy
Glenne Headly Anne Marie Purdy
Barbara Dana Ada Purdy
Austin Pendleton Gus Falk
Matthew Arkin Eldon Purdy
Richard Kind Bill Reed
Clifton James Ed McIvor
Stephanie Lemelin Jenny Purdy
Dawn Maxey Linette Purdy
Daniel Quinn Travis Purdy
Jan Hoag Judge Walters
Jordan Fry Porter Purdy
George Fosgate Foster Cooper
Neal Miller , Nancy Miller
Neal Miller, Nancy Miller, Dorothy Velasco
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Raising Flagg

Flagg Purdy, a cantankerous handyman, lets his rivalry with his neighbor go too far and subsequently files a lawsuit. Though he wins the suit, he loses the goodwill of his community. Humiliated, Flagg retires to his bed and refuses to leave it, insisting that he will soon die. His long-suffering wife goes along with the charade and agrees to his demand that the couple's estranged offspring come to say goodbye.

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