Raintree County

Release Date:
Oct 4, 1957
Running Time:
Edward Dmytryk
Montgomery Clift John Wickliff Shawnessy
Elizabeth Taylor Susanna Drake
Eva Marie Saint Nell Gaither
Nigel Patrick Prof. Jerusalem Webster Stiles
Lee Marvin Orville ''Flash'' Perkins
Rod Taylor Garwood B. Jones
Agnes Moorehead Ellen Shawnessy
Walter Abel T.D. Shawnessy
Jarma Lewis Barbara Drake
Tom Drake Bobby Drake
Rhys Williams Ezra Gray
Russell Collins Niles Foster
DeForest Kelley Southern Officer
Myrna Hansen Lydia Grey (uncredited)
Oliver Blake Jake (uncredited)
John Eldredge Cousin Sam (uncredited)
Isabel Cooley Soona (uncredited)
Ruth Attaway Parthenia (uncredited)
Burt Mustin Old Gent (uncredited)
Dorothy Granger Madame Gaubert (uncredited)
David Lewis

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Raintree County

When Southern belle Susanna Drake visits Indiana, she falls for John Wickliff Shawnessy, an abolitionist with strong ideals. However, John falters while he lets Drake tempt him away from his true love, Nell Gaither . After Drake deceives John into marriage, the two move to her New Orleans household, where he discovers that mental illness runs in her family. When the Civil War begins, John uses it to escape from the unhappy marriage.

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