Amor Profano

Release Date:
Oct 12, 1932
Running Time:
Lewis Milestone
Joan Crawford Sadie Thompson
Walter Huston Alfred Davidson
William Gargan Sergeant Tim O'Hara
Guy Kibbee Joe Horn
Walter Catlett Quartermaster Bates
Beulah Bondi Mrs. Alfred Davidson
Matt Moore Dr. Robert MacPhail
Kendall Lee Mrs. Robert MacPhail
Ben Hendricks Griggs
Frederick Howard Hodgson
Joseph M. Schneck

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Amor Profano

In the South Pacific, the passengers of a boat must disembark prematurely at the island of Pago Pago due to a cholera scare. Among them are missionaries Alfred Davidson and his wife, and a spirited prostitute, Sadie Thompson . On the island, Thompson lives it up with the American soldiers stationed in the village, and captures the heart of Sgt. Tim O'Hara . But Thompson's wild ways are too much for Davidson, who tries to convert her.

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