Raiders of Old California

Release Date:
Nov 1, 1957
Running Time:
Albert C. Gannaway
Jim Davis Captain Angus Clyde McKane
Arleen Whelan Julie Johnson
Faron Young Marshal Faron Young
Marty Robbins Cpl. Timothy Boyle
Lee Van Cleef Sgt. Damon Pardee
Louis Jean Heydt Judge Ward Young
Harry Lauter Lt. Scott Johnson
Douglas Fowley Sheriff
Larry Dobkin Don Miguel Sebastian
Bill Coontz Opie
Don Diamond Pepe
Ric Vallon Joe
Tom Hubbard Burt
Albert C. Gannaway
Sam Roeca, Thomas G. Hubbard

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Raiders of Old California

After a long battle with Gen. Miguel Sebastian of Mexico, Capt. McKane and his troops successfully take over a small town in Southern California. Despite the Mexican settlers' claim that the land is rightfully theirs, McKane, Sgt. Pardee and a gang of mercenaries drive them from their homes. When U.S. Judge Ward Young and his lawman son, Faron, come to town, they're shocked by McKane's ruthless leadership and vow to set things right.

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