Quiz Show: El dilema

Release Date:
Sep 14, 1994
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Robert Redford
John Turturro Herbie Stempel
Rob Morrow Dick Goodwin
Ralph Fiennes Charles Van Doren
Paul Scofield Mark Van Doren
David Paymer Dan Enright
Hank Azaria Albert Freedman
Christopher McDonald Jack Barry
Johann Carlo Toby Stempel
Elizabeth Wilson Dorothy Van Doren
Allan Rich Robert Kintner
Mira Sorvino Sandra Goodwin
George Martin Chairman
Paul Guilfoyle Lishman
Griffin Dunne Account Guy
Martin Scorsese Martin Rittenhome
Barry Levinson Dave Garroway
Robert Redford , Michael Jacobs , Julian Krainin , Michael Nozik , Richard Dreyfuss , Judith James , Frederick Zollo

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Quiz Show: El dilema

Queens-born Herbie Stempel becomes an unlikely hero after winning on America's beloved game show, ''Twenty One.'' When the network decides to bring in a more telegenic contestant, the WASP-ish Charles Van Doren, Stempel takes aim at the show, announcing that the game is rigged. Congressional investigator Dick Goodwin is brought in to examine the claim that winners were given the answers. Goodwin wrote the book on which this true story is based.

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