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Reinas: Il matrimonio che mancava

Release Date:
Aug 25, 2006
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Romantic Comedy
Manuel Gómez Pereira
Verónica Forqué Nuria
Carmen Maura Magda
Marisa Paredes Reyes
Mercedes Sampietro Helena
Betiana Blum Ofelia
Gustavo Salmerón Hugo
Unax Ugalde Miguel
Hugo Silva Jonás
Daniel Hendler Óscar
Paco León Narciso
Raúl Jiménez Rafa
Ginés García Millán Néstor
Jorge Perugorría César
Lluís Homar Jacinto
Fernando García Valverde Héctor
Jose Luis Escolar
Manuel Gómez Pereira, Yolanda García Serrano, Joaquín Oristell
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Reinas: Il matrimonio che mancava

Magda manages a posh resort that is hosting a marriage ceremony for three gay couples. Her son Miguel is set to marry Óscar but tensions between his mother Ofelia and Miguel are causing problems. Narciso and Hugo have family problems due to Hugo's uptight parents and Narcisco's man-hungry mom, Nuria, who threatens to turn the ceremony into a spectacle. Reyes is on hand to see her son Rafa marry Jonas, the son of her gardener Jacinto.

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