Pride and Glory

Release Date:
Oct 24, 2008
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Crime Drama
Gavin O'Connor
Edward Norton Ray Tierney
Colin Farrell Jimmy Egan
Jon Voight Francis Tierney Sr.
Noah Emmerich Francis Tierney Jr.
Jennifer Ehle Abby Tierney
John Ortiz Ruben Santiago
Shea Whigham Kenny Dugan
Frank Grillo Eddie Carbone
Lake Bell Megan Egan
Rick Gonzalez Eladio Casado
Wayne Duvall Bill Avery
Carmen Ejogo Tasha
Ramon Rodriguez Angel Tezo
Manny Perez Coco Dominguez
Gregory O'Connor , Toby Emmerich , Cale Boyter , Marcus Viscidi
Joe Carnahan, Gavin O'Connor
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Pride and Glory

Ray Tierney comes from a family full of New York cops, including his father, brother Francis and bad-boy brother-in-law Jimmy . When a failed drug bust results in the deaths of four of Francis' men, the Tierney patriarch pulls Ray into leading the investigation. But Jimmy launches his own investigation, compromising Ray's team. Jimmy's actions soon catch Ray between duty as a police officer and loyalty to his family.

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