Peyton Place

Release Date:
Dec 11, 1957
Running Time:
Mark Robson
Lana Turner Constance MacKenzie
Hope Lange Selena Cross
Arthur Kennedy Lucas Cross
Lloyd Nolan Dr. Swain
Lee Philips Michael Rossi
Terry Moore Betty Anderson
Russ Tamblyn Norman Page
Betty Field Nellie Cross
David Nelson Ted Carter
Mildred Dunnock Miss Elsie Thornton
Diane Varsi Allison MacKenzie
Barry Coe Rodney Harrington
Leon Ames Mr. Harrington
Lorne Greene Prosecutor
Erin O'Brien-Moore Mrs. Evelyn Page
Jerry Wald
John Michael Hayes

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Peyton Place

In this adaptation of Grace Metalious' popular novel, steamy goings-on abound in the small, prim New England community of Peyton Place. Newcomer Michael Rossi arrives in town on the eve of World War II and is soon involved with gorgeous but prudish shop owner Constance MacKenzie, who keeps some secrets from her daughter, Allison. Amidst engagements and school graduations, Michael discovers seething, dark undercurrents that include rape, suicide -- and murder.

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