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Personal Property

Release Date:
Mar 19, 1937
Running Time:
W. S. Van Dyke II
Jean Harlow Crystal Wetherby
Robert Taylor Raymond Dabney
Reginald Owen Claude Dabney
Una O'Connor Clara
Henrietta Crosman Mrs. Cosgrove Dabney
E.E. Clive Cosgrove Dabney
Cora Witherspoon Mrs. Burns
Marla Shelton Catherine Burns
Forrester Harvey Herbert Jenkins
Lionel Braham Lord Carstairs
Barnett Parker Arthur 'Trevy' Trevelyan
John W. Considine Jr.
Hugh Mills, Ernest Vajda

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Personal Property

Raymond Dabney returns to his wealthy family after a short jail stint for robbery, to the chagrin of his brother, Claude, who is set to marry Crystal Wetherby in order to gain some funds for his family's ailing business. What Claude does not know is that Crystal also wants to marry for money, in order to pay her debts. When Raymond meets Crystal at the opera, not realizing that she happens to be his brother's fiancée, he is smitten.

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