Period of Adjustment

Release Date:
Oct 31, 1962
Running Time:
Comedy Drama
George Roy Hill
Tony Franciosa Ralph Baitz
Jane Fonda Isabel Haverstick
Jim Hutton George Haverstick
Lois Nettleton Dorothea Baitz
John McGiver Stewart P. McGill
Mabel Albertson Mrs. Alice McGill
Jack Albertson Desk Sergeant
Lawrence Weingarten

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Period of Adjustment

Veteran George Haverstick meets nurse Isabel while in hospital and soon marries her. However, Isabel is disappointed to learn that George drives a hearse and has booked them a dingy motel for their honeymoon, during which he falls asleep drunk. The next day, the couple visits George's friend Ralph, who originally married Dorothea for money but now loves her. Dorothea wants to leave Ralph, and the Haversticks try to help him.

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