Vacation From Marriage

Perfect Strangers
Release Date:
Nov 1, 1945
Running Time:
Comedy Drama
Alexander Korda
Robert Donat Robert Wilson
Deborah Kerr Catherine Wilson
Glynis Johns Dizzy Clayton
Ann Todd Elena
Roland Culver Richard
Elliott Mason Mrs. Hemmings
Eliot Makeham Mr. Staines
Brefni O'Rorke Mr. Hargrove
Edward Rigby Charlie
Muriel George Minnie
Allan Jeayes Commander
Ivor Barnard Chemist
Henry Longhurst Petty Officer
Alexander Korda

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Vacation From Marriage

Husband and wife Robert and Catherine have hit a rough spot in their marriage. Unsure whether their union will survive, both feel relieved when World War II forces Robert to join the British navy. Robert finds a new outlook on life, in part because of an injury. Catherine also transforms herself by working for the Navy's female branch. Dreading their reunion, she phones to say she wants a divorce. Both are surprised by whom they find when they meet in a pub.

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