Peg o' My Heart

Release Date:
May 19, 1933
Running Time:
Marion Davies Margaret 'Peg' O'Connell
Onslow Stevens Sir Gerald 'Jerry' Markham
J. Farrell MacDonald Patrick Shamus 'Pat' O'Connell
Juliette Compton Ethel Chichester
Irene Browne Mrs. Chichester
Tyrrell Davis Alaric Chichester
Alan Mowbray Capt. Christopher 'Chris' Brent
Doris Lloyd Mrs. Grace Brent
Robert Greig Jarvis (butler)
Nora Cecil Smythe (maid)
Geoffrey Gill Terance
Billy Bevan Detective #2
Robert Z. Leonard
Frank R. Adams

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Peg o' My Heart

Young Peg O'Connell is living with her father, Pat, in a small village in Ireland when Sir Gerald Markham turns up with news. Peg has been left a large inheritance by her late grandfather, providing she spends three years in England training to be a lady and remains separated from her father during this time. But when Pat sends a false report of his death to her in England, Peg believes herself to be alone, and begins to fall for Markham.

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