Paycheck - Die Abrechnung

Release Date:
Dec 25, 2003
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Action,Science Fiction,Thriller
John Woo
Ben Affleck Michael Jennings
Aaron Eckhart Rethrick
Uma Thurman Rachel Porter
Paul Giamatti Shorty
Colm Feore Mr. Wolf
Joe Morton Agent Dodge
Michael C. Hall Agent Klein
Peter Friedman Attorney General Brown
John Woo , John Davis , Terence Chang , Michael Hackett , David Solomon , Stratton Leopold , Keiko Koyama
Dean Georgaris
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Paycheck - Die Abrechnung

Michael Jennings is a top-notch reverse engineer. Corporations pay him to crack the secrets of their competitors' products. When the job is done, he has his memory of it erased. Rethrick, head of a company called Allcom, hires Jennings to reverse-engineer a secret government device. After the job, Jennings wakes from the memory erasure to find himself being chased by various agencies. He soon realizes that the fate of the entire world may be in his hands.

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