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El guía del desfiladero

Release Date:
Apr 7, 1989
Running Time:
Nils Gaup
Mikkel Gaup Aigin
Nils Utsi Raste
Svein Scharffenberg Tsjuderen
Helgi Skúlason Tsjuderen med arret
Sara Marit Gaup Sahve
Sverre Porsanger Sierge

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El guía del desfiladero

In medieval Finland, the Sami -- a tribe of peaceful hunter-gatherers -- struggle to survive in a frozen wasteland. Aigin, a young Sami, watches in horror as his parents and sister are brutally murdered in a surprise attack by the Tchudes, a rival tribe of violent nomads. Though Aigin flees to safety, the Tchudes follow his tracks to another encampment. Abducted and forced to comply with Tchude demands, Aigin feigns weakness -- while secretly planning his own shocking revenge.

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