Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid

Pat Garrett y Billy the Kid
Release Date:
May 23, 1973
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Sam Peckinpah
James Coburn Sheriff Patrick J. Garrett
Kris Kristofferson Billy the Kid
Bob Dylan Alias
Jason Robards Gov. Lew Wallace
Richard Jaeckel Sheriff Kip McKinney
Katy Jurado Mrs. Baker
Slim Pickens Sheriff Colin Baker
Chill Wills Lemuel
John Beck John W. Poe
Rita Coolidge Maria
R. G. Armstrong Deputy Sheriff Bob Ollinger
Luke Askew Eno
Richard Bright Holly
Matt Clark Deputy Sheriff J.W. Bell
Jack Dodson Lewellen Howland
Jack Elam Alamosa Bill/Kermit
Emilio Fernández Paco
Paul Fix Pete Maxwell
L.Q. Jones Black Harris
Jorge Russek Silva
Charles Martin Smith Charlie Bowdre
Harry Dean Stanton Luke
Claudia Bryar Mrs. Horrell
Gordon Carroll
Rudy Wurlitzer

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Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid

Sheriff Pat Garrett is ordered by Governor Wallace to go after the outlaw Billy the Kid because the cattle businessmen want him caught. Although Garrett and Billy are old friends, the lawman must abide by his duty. However, Garrett and his deputies have great difficulty catching Billy, who is very cunning. Along the way, Billy also gains the assistance of Alias, a mysterious knife-wielding stranger.

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