Passport to Pimlico

Release Date:
Oct 26, 1949
Running Time:
Henry Cornelius
Stanley Holloway Arthur Pemberton
Hermione Baddeley Edie Randall
Margaret Rutherford Professor Hatton-Jones
Paul Dupuis Duke of Burgundy
Basil Radford Gregg
Naunton Wayne Straker
Jane Hylton Molly
Raymond Huntley Mr. Wix
Betty Warren Connie Pemberton
Barbara Murray Shirley Pemberton
John Slater Frank Huggins
Frederick Piper Garland
Sydney Tafler Fred Cowan
Charles Hawtrey Bert Fitch
James Hayter Commissionaire
Michael Hordern Bashford
Michael Balcon
T.E.B. Clarke

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Passport to Pimlico

The accidental explosion of an undetonated German bomb left over from World War II unearths a long-buried cellar containing both fabulous riches and a previously unknown royal charter from King Edward IV that cedes the surrounding land to the last Duke of Burgundy. Since the charter has never been rescinded, the London district of Pimlico is now legally the long-lost Duchy of Burgundy, and therefore no longer subject to British law, including postwar rationing and pub closure hours.

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