Panic in Needle Park

Release Date:
Jul 13, 1971
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Jerry Schatzberg
Al Pacino Bobby
Kitty Winn Helen, Bobby's Girlfriend/Mrs. Rogers
Alan Vint Narcotics Detective Hotch
Richard Bright Hank the Burgler/Bobby's Brother
Kiel Martin Chico, Junkie
Michael McClanathan Sonny, Junkie
Warren Finnerty Sammy, Junkie
Marcia Jean Kurtz Marcie
Raul Julia Marco, Junkie Artist
Angie Ortega Irene
Larry Marshall Mickey
Paul Mace Whitey
Nancy MacKay Penny
Gil Rogers Robins
Joe Santos Detective DiBono
Paul Sorvino Samuels
Dominick Dunne
James Mills, Joan Didion, John Gregory Dunne

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Panic in Needle Park

Bobby is a heroin addict who lives in ''Needle Park,'' the nickname for an area on the Upper West Side of Manhattan where junkies congregate. He meets Helen, a lonely homeless girl, and they fall in love. However, Bobby also introduces Helen to heroin, and she eventually becomes addicted, too. As Bobby and Helen become more and more dependent on each other and on heroin, their need for money to feed their habit grows, resulting in crime, desperation and betrayal.

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