Pals of the Saddle

Release Date:
Aug 28, 1938
Running Time:
George Sherman
John Wayne Stony Brooke
Ray Corrigan Tucson Smith
Max Terhune Lullaby Joslon
Doreen McKay Ann
Josef Forte Judge Hastings
George Douglas Paul Hartman
Frank Milan Frank
Ted Adams Henry C. Gordon
Harry Depp Hotel Desk Clerk
Dave Weber Russian Musician
Don Orlando Italian Musician
Charles Knight Englisah Musician
Jack Kirk Sheriff Johnson
Monte Montague Henchman
Olin Francis Henchman
Curley Dresden Henchman at Acme Salt Refinery
Art Dillard Henchman at Acme Saly Refinery
Tex Palmer Henchman at Acme Salt Refinery
William Berke
Stanley Roberts, Betty Burbridge

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Pals of the Saddle

Cowboy pals Stony Brooke, Tucson Smith and Lullaby Joslin -- collectively known as the Three Mesquiteers -- befriend Ann, a pretty, seemingly normal young woman who turns out to be a government agent. Before long, the boys inadvertently get mixed up in all sorts of espionage, including an international smuggling scheme. Things get even worse when Stony is wrongfully accused of murder, and the Mesquiteers must clear his name.

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