Un Asalto Frustrado

Release Date:
Oct 25, 1996
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Alan Taylor
William Forsythe Sid Dunleavy
Vincent Gallo Russell Pataki
Adam Trese Jerry
Gareth Williams Ed
Lisa Gay Hamilton Betty
Bridgit Ryan Enid
Kim Dickens Laurie
Frances McDormand June
Suzanne Shepherd Mother
Nicole Burdette Chris
Robert LuPone Ralph
Sam Coppola Mr. Kott

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Un Asalto Frustrado

Sid, Russell and Jerry are three friends in New Jersey who are struggling for money. After deciding that crime is the answer to their problems, they plan a jewelry store theft -- only to mistakenly break into a bakery next door. The three men go straight, believing they are not suited to crime. As their financial woes continue, however, they eventually agree on what they feel is a flawless scheme to rob an armored car.

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