Prijatelj Joey

Release Date:
Oct 25, 1957
Running Time:
George Sidney
Rita Hayworth Vera Simpson
Frank Sinatra Joey Evans
Kim Novak Linda English
Barbara Nichols Gladys
Bobby Sherwood Ned Galvin
Hank Henry Mike Miggins
Elizabeth Patterson Mrs. Casey
Robin Morse Bartender
Frank Wilcox Col. Langley
Pierre Watkin Mr. Forsythe
Barry Bernard Vera's Butler
James Seay Livingston
Hermes Pan
Ernesto Molinari Tony the Chef
Oliver Cross
Fred Kohlmar

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Prijatelj Joey

Joey Evans is a philandering San Francisco-based singer with big dreams of starting his own night club, ''Chez Joey,'' but chasing women keeps him even more occupied. Despite making a meaningful connection with lovely chorus girl Linda English, it doesn't stop him from seducing the wealthy widow, and ex-burlesque dancer, Vera Simpson, who he hopes will bankroll his club. Ultimately, Joey has to decide who -- and what -- he most wants in life.

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