Paisà - Vapauden tuli

Release Date:
Mar 29, 1948
Running Time:
Roberto Rossellini
Carmela Sazio Carmela
Robert Van Loon Joe, the American soldier
Dots M. Johnson Joe, the American MP
Alfonsino Pasquale
Maria Michi Francesca
Gar Moore Fred
Harriet White Harriet
Renzo Avanzo Massimo
Bill Tubbs Captain Bill Martin
Dale Edmonds Dale
Carlo Pisacane The old man from Gela
Mats Carlson Swede
Gigi Gori The dying partisan
Cigolani Himself
Lorena Berg Amalia
Benjamin Emmanuel An American soldier
Raymond Campbell An American soldier
Albert Heinz A German soldier
Harold Wagner Harry
Merline Berth Merlin
Leonard Parrish An American soldier
Allen Dan An American soldier
Merlin Hugo

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Paisà - Vapauden tuli

Roberto Rossellini's film, made in the aftermath of WWII, consists of six distinct chapters, showing various relationships between the American occupiers and the newly liberated Italians. Two of the outstanding episodes see black military policeman Dotts Johnson robbed of his shoes by a cheeky street urchin while the film ends with a reminder that the war was still not won, as German troops prefer to fight a battle to the death.

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