Orphans of the Storm

Release Date:
Dec 28, 1921
Running Time:
D.W. Griffith
Lillian Gish Henriette Girard
Dorothy Gish Louise Girard
Joseph Schildkraut Chevalier de Vaudrey
Frank Losee Count de Linieres
Katherine Emmet Countess de Linieres
Morgan Wallace Marquis de Praille
Lucille La Verne Mother Frochard
Sheldon Lewis Jacques Frochard
Frank Puglia Pierre Frochard
Creighton Hale Picard
Monte Blue Danton
Sidney Herbert Robespierre
Lee Kohlmar King Louis XVI
Adolph Lestina Doctor
Kate Bruce Sister Genevieve
Flora Finch Starving peasant
Louis Wolheim Executioner
Kenny Delmar The Chevalier
Herbert Sutch Meat carver
D.W. Griffith
D.W. Griffith

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Orphans of the Storm

When the plague kills their parents, Henriette and her blind adopted sister, Louise, go to Paris in hopes of finding a doctor to restore Louise's sight. As soon as they arrive, Henriette is kidnapped by an amoral aristocrat, but escapes with the help of Chevalier de Vaudrey . Louise, meanwhile, is taken in by thieves who force her to beg. As the French Revolution rages all around them, the two sisters struggle to reunite.

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