Only Angels Have Wings

Release Date:
May 12, 1939
Running Time:
Howard Hawks
Cary Grant Geoff Carter
Jean Arthur Bonnie Lee
Rita Hayworth Judith 'Judy' MacPherson
Richard Barthelmess Barthelmess
Thomas Mitchell Kid Dabb
Sig Ruman John 'Dutchy' Van Reiter (as Sig Rumann)
Victor Kilian Sparks (radioman)
John Carroll Gent Shelton
Allyn Joslyn Les Peters
Donald Barry Tex Gordon, lookout
Noah Beery Jr. Joe Souther
Milisa Sierra Lily, Joe's girl
Lucio Villegas Dr. Lagorio
Forbes Murray Mr. Harkwright, mine operator (uncredited)
Cecilia Callejo Felice Torras, Geoff's lady friend (uncredited)
Pat Flaherty Mike, head mechanic
Pedro Regas Pancho
Howard Hawks
Howard Hawks, Jules Furthman, William Rankin, Eleanore Griffin

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Only Angels Have Wings

Rough and tough Geoff Carter runs a tiny airline that cannot afford to miss any flights, despite the dangers along many of the routes. When Bonnie Lee, a performer who is falling for him, sees that Geoff is preparing to fly in violent weather conditions, she takes measures to make him stay. She's successful in her attempt, and two of his employees are forced to make the flight for him -- but Bonnie may have been correct about the potential peril of that flight.

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