One of Our Aircraft Is Missing

Release Date:
Jun 27, 1942
Running Time:
Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger
Godfrey Tearle Sir George Corbett
Eric Portman Tom Earnshaw
Hugh Williams Frank Shelley
Bernard Miles Geoff Hickman
Hugh Burden John Glyn Haggard
Emrys Jones Bob Ashley
Googie Withers Jo de Vries
Pamela Brown Els Meertens
Michael Powell , Emeric Pressburger

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One of Our Aircraft Is Missing

On its way back from a raid on the city of Stuttgart, Germany, a British bomber is shot down over Nazi-held Holland. Parachuting into Dutch farmlands under cover of darkness, the six-member crew, led by stalwart pilot John Glyn Haggard and crusty Yorkshireman co-pilot Tom Earnshaw, connects with members of the local resistance, led by schoolteacher Els, who shelter the Brits from their Nazi inquisitors as they make their way towards freedom.

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