One Million B.C.

Release Date:
Apr 5, 1940
Running Time:
Science Fiction
Hal Roach, Hal Roach Jr.
Victor Mature Tumak
Carole Landis Loana
Lon Chaney Jr. Akhoba
Conrad Nagel Narrating Archaeologist
John Hubbard Ohtao
Robert Kent Mountain Guide
Mamo Clark Nupondi
Mary Gale Fisher Wandi
Nigel de Brulier Peytow
Edgar Edwards Skakana
Jacqueline Dalya Ataf
Hal Roach

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One Million B.C.

In the survival-of-the-fittest mentality of the Rock tribe, the strongest receive the best of everything, while the scraps are left for the weak. When Tumak fails to protect what is his from the tribe's leader, Akhoba, the Rock people send Tumak into exile. Discovered by Loana, a member of the peaceful Shell tribe, Tumak reluctantly joins her strangely kind people. Tumak struggles to adapt, but Loana will not give up on changing his savage ways.

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