One Man's Hero

Release Date:
Aug 2, 1999
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Lance Hool
Tom Berenger Sgt./Lt./Capt. John Riley
Joaquim de Almeida Cortina
Daniela Romo Marta
Mark Moses Col. Benton Lacy
Stuart Graham Cpl. Kenneally
James Gammon Gen. Zachary Taylor
Stephen Tobolowsky Capt. Gaine
Carlos Carrasco Dominguez
Patrick Bergin Gen. Winfield Scott
Don Wycherley Brian Athlone
Jorge Bosso Col. Maximo Nexor
Guy De Saint Cyr Lasher
Luke Hayden Seamus McDougherty
Brett Hool Army Recruiter
Jason Hool Peter O'Neil, San Patricios Cannoneer
Perla De La Rosa Juno
Steve Leone John Daly
Luis Lorenzo Padre Varga
Wolf Muser Cpl. Schultz
Rodolfo de Anda Gen. Ampudia
Roger Cudney Col. Harney
Gregg Fitzgerald Paddy Noonan
Vanessa Bauche Flor
Fernando Elizondo 2nd Guerilla
Conrad Hool , Lance Hool , William J. Macdonald , Paul J. Newman
Milton S. Gelman

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One Man's Hero

In 1848, Jon Riley heads a group of Irish-born Roman Catholic soldiers in the U.S. Army. The group faces religious prejudice in the predominantly Protestant military. In the midst of the war against Mexico, Riley and some of his fellow soldiers go to a Catholic church and are cruelly punished as a result. Because of this, they defect to the Mexican Army, where they meet guerrilla leader Cortina, with whom they forge an unlikely bond.

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