One Hour With You

Release Date:
Mar 22, 1932
Running Time:
Musical Comedy
Ernst Lubitsch, George Cukor
Maurice Chevalier Dr. Andre Bertier
Jeanette MacDonald Colette Bertier
Genevieve Tobin Mitzi Olivier
Charles Ruggles Adolph
Roland Young Professor Olivier
George Barbier Police Commissioner
Josephine Dunn Mademoiselle Martel
Richard Carle Henri Dornier
Charles Judels Policeman (uncredited)
Barbara Leonard Mitzi's Maid
Florine McKinney Departing Guest (uncredited)
Donald Novis Singer (uncredited)
Charles Coleman Marcel
Eric Wilton Andre's Butler (uncredited)
George Davis Taxi Driver (uncredited)
Bill Elliott Dance Extra (uncredited)
Sheila Mannors
LĂ©onie Pray Colette's Upstair's Maid (uncredited)
Bess Flowers Party Guest (uncredited)
Ernst Lubitsch

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One Hour With You

Andre and Colette have been married for three years when temptation pays a visit. Colette's schoolmate, Mitzi, stops by and takes a liking to Andre. While Mitzi's advances toward Andre intensify, Colette is being romantically pursued by Andre's good friend Adolph . Colette, oblivious to Mitzi's intentions, assumes her husband's infidelities are focused elsewhere. Similarly, Andre doesn't suspect his pal's advances.

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