One Foot in Heaven

Release Date:
Nov 1, 1941
Running Time:
Irving Rapper
Fredric March William Spence
Martha Scott Hope Morris Spence
Beulah Bondi Mrs. Lydia Sandow
Gene Lockhart Preston Thurston
Grant Mitchell Clayton Potter
Moroni Olsen Dr. John Romer
Harry Davenport Elias Samson
Elisabeth Fraser Eileen Spence, age 17 years
Frankie Thomas Hartzell Spence, age 18 years
Laura Hope Crews Mrs. Preston Thurston
Jerome Cowan Dr. Horrigan
Ernest Cossart Mr. John E. Morris
Jack L. Warner , Hal B. Wallis

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One Foot in Heaven

After hearing an evangelist preach, William Spence abandons his dream of becoming a doctor in favor of studying for the clergy. Once ordained, he and his new wife, Hope, begin a series of moves from one small-town church to another, each with a new set of challenges, not the least of which is the general orneriness of their parishioners. Along the way, they have three children, and William gradually becomes more flexible about church doctrine.

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