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Um Dia em Setembro

Release Date:
Jun 8, 2000
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Kevin Macdonald
Michael Douglas
Ankie Spitzer Interviewee
Jamal Al-Gashey Interviewee
Gerald Seymour Interviewee
Axel Springer Interviewee
Gad Zahari Interviewee
Shmuel Lalkin Interviewee
Manfred Schreiber Interviewee
Walter Troger Interviewee
Ulrich K. Wegener Interviewee
Hans-Dietrich Genscher Interviewee
Schlomit Romajo Interviewee
Magdi Gahary Interviewee
Zvi Zamir Interviewee
Dan Shillon Interviewee
Heinz Hohensinn Interviewee
Esther Roth Interviewee
Hans Jochen Vogel Interviewee
Anouk Spitzer Interviewee
John Battsek , Lillian Birnbaum , Arthur Cohn
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Um Dia em Setembro

``One Day in September'' is a new kind of thriller - one where real lives are at stake and every event is true. They were billed as the ``Olympics of Peace and Joy'' but became the Olympics of terror. In 1972, an extreme Palestinian group called Black September held 11 Israeli athletes hostage in the Olympic village in Munich, while the world looked on, incredulous.

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