O Eterno Pretendente

Release Date:
Jun 29, 1944
Running Time:
Alexander Hall
Cary Grant Jerry Flynn
Janet Blair Jeannie Thompson
Ted Donaldson Arthur ''Pinky'' Thompson
James Gleason McGillicuddy, aka The Moke
Howard Freeman McKenzie
William Demarest Brandt
Art Baker
Paul Stanton Dunhill
Mickey McGuire Fatso
Edward Gargan Cop Outside Flynn Theater
Cliff Clark Radio Car Cop
Emory Parnell Radio Cart Cop
Torben Meyer Hotel Manager
William Austin Assistant Hotel Manager
Lane Chandler Doorman
Louis F. Edelman

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O Eterno Pretendente

With the war overseas, Broadway producer Jerry Flynn is constantly on the hunt for the next big thing that will keep the people entertained -- as well as his profits up -- but he's not finding much success. In desperate need to turn his fortune around, Flynn ventures into the streets, where he meets a young boy, Pinky Thompson, the proud owner of a dancing caterpillar. Realizing the little critter could be a big ticket, Flynn begins publicizing the new act.

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