Once Upon a Time in the West

Release Date:
May 28, 1969
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Sergio Leone
Henry Fonda Frank
Claudia Cardinale Jill McBain
Charles Bronson Harmonica
Jason Robards Cheyenne
Frank Wolff Brett McBain
Gabriele Ferzetti Morton
Keenan Wynn Flagstone sheriff
Paolo Stoppa Sam
Marco Zuanelli Wobbles (uncredited)
Lionel Stander Barman
Jack Elam Snaky (member of Frank's gang)
Woody Strode Stony (member of Frank's gang)
John Frederick Jim - Member of Frank's Gang
Enzo Santianello Timmy McBain (uncredited)
Fulvio Morsella , Bino Cicogna
Dario Argento, Bernardo Bertolucci, Sergio Leone

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Once Upon a Time in the West

There's a single piece of land around Flagstone with water on it, and rail baron Morton aims to have it, knowing the new railroad will have to stop there. He sends his henchman Frank to scare the land's owner, McBain, but Frank kills him instead and pins it on a known bandit, Cheyenne . Meanwhile, a mysterious gunslinger with a score to settle and McBain's new wife, Jill, arrive in town.

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