On the Ropes

Release Date:
Aug 19, 1999
Running Time:
Nanette Burstein, Brett Morgen
Martin Goldman Himself
Harry Keitt Himself
Randy Little Himself
Tyrene Manson Himself
Mickey Marcello Himself
Eddie Mustafa Muhammad Himself
Noel Santiago Himself
Aida Santiago Herself
George Walton Himself
Nanette Burstein , Jennifer Fox , Brett Morgen , Meg Bowles , Jonathan Cohen , Gabrielle Tana , Jeff Sanders , Richard Welles

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On the Ropes

This documentary by Nanette Burstein and Brett Morgen follows the lives of three Brooklyn, N.Y., boxers and their trainer. George Walton is a veteran fighter whose early career was derailed by bad management. Seeking another shot at glory, he trains with Harry Keitt, an older ex-boxer who has dealt with his share of hard knocks. Keitt also works with Tyrene Manson, a tough female fighter from a troubled home, and Noel Santiago, a former gang member, who has skill but lacks motivation.

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