On the Riviera

Release Date:
Apr 20, 1951
Running Time:
Musical Comedy
Walter Lang
Danny Kaye Jack Martin/Henri Duran
Gene Tierney Lili Duran
Corinne Calvet Colette
Marcel Dalio Philippe Lebrix
Jean Murat Felix Periton
Henri Letondal Louis Foral
Clinton Sundberg Antoine
Sig Ruman Gapeaux
Joyce MacKenzie Mimi
Monique Chantal Minette
Marina Koshetz Mme. Louise Cornet
Ann Codee Mme. Periton
Mari Blanchard Eugenie
Sol C. Siegel

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On the Riviera

While performing in the French Riviera, entertainer Jack Martin finds he can do an uncanny impersonation of wealthy businessman Henri Duran (also Kaye), so much so that no one can tell the difference between the two. When a pressing business engagement requires Duran's presence, he hires Martin to take his place at a party Duran is supposed to be hosting. It turns out the plan works -- too well. Soon, Martin finds himself beset by Duran's wife, as well as his many mistresses.

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