On the Old Spanish Trail

Release Date:
Oct 15, 1947
Running Time:
Roy Rogers Roy Rogers
Tito Guizar Ricco
Jane Frazee Candy Martin
Andy Devine Cookie Bullfincher
Charles McGraw Harry Blaisdell
Fred Graham Marco the Great
Steve Darrell Al
Marshall Reed Gus
Wheaton Chambers Silas MacIntyre
Sloan Nibley

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On the Old Spanish Trail

After a number of oil company payrolls are stolen, wanted posters of Gypsy Ricco go up around Sioux City, Iowa. Cowboy Roy Rogers, in town to help out a singing group, investigates and learns that the singers' employer, the Great Southwestern Tent Show, was around at the time of each robbery. Roy and his sidekick, Cookie, focus on following Ricco, unaware that he's being framed by the show's manager, Harry Blaisdell .

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